[WIP] Act 02 Background

WIP for act 2 of the game! It’s summer theme with tropical like ocean at the background. Just been trying to work out the flooring for the rooms and the bridges. Still need to do a lot more work on this one!

Floating platform experiment

We are currently experimenting with various platform game play elements and here is one that is pretty much the basics of it. using dash to move from platform to another to reach the goal.

New RemiLore themed name card.

With recent announcement of the game, I needed a new name card!

I dont have image for DongJin one but he has the same looking card. I have feeling that these are going to be spent quick!

RemiLore coming to BIC festival 2017 !

RemiLore will be showing its game play for the first time at BIC festival 2017 Busan in couple of days from now.
We will be hosted by awesome Sony booth. Here are some pics on what we made for this year BIC.

Welcome to the lands of Lore

Hello everyone!

This is Saehoon from Pixellore.

This is our first development post for project RemiLore.
We have been hard working on the project for just around 5 months now, and with recent announcement of the project I thought it would be a great timing to start writing about the game development.

I have actually been working with fellow indie game developer DongJin Jeon on this project. I will have more time to let you know about how this came to be, but for now I am very excited to tell you that our project RemiLore has been announced and finally able to show you how the game looks and works.

I will be posting a lot more about the game both here and the face book page for RemiLore so stay tuned for more information!

Thank you! And welcome to the lands of Lore!